SBA 504 & SBA 7a

The SBA Guarantee program does not lend money to business, it Guarantee's all or a portion of a loan against default, as added insurance for a lender to make loans to businesses.

SBA 504 Proceeds

  • Purchase and improve owner occupied commercial and industrial real estate
  • Purchase and install machinery and equipment as part of a real estate purchase
  • To cover ALL loan costs


  • Property improvements - Can be included
  • Ground-up construction projects
  • Eligible Refinances
  • Start-ups
  • Lower Down Payments - As Low As 10%-15%
  • Flexible Loan Terms
  • Projected Income Consideration 

SBA 7a Proceeds

  • Acquisition or Construction of Buildings (including Land)
  • Acquisition of Machinery and Equipment, Furniture and Fixtures
  • Leasehold Improvements
  • Short or Long Term Working Capital
  • Refinancing


  • Property Improvements including Leasehold
  • International Trade Loans
  • Working Capital
  • Refinancing of Existing Debt
  • Startups
  • Purchase of Existing Business
  • To Cover ALL Loan Costs

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 *Terms and Program Availability are Subject to Change Anytime without Notice 

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